ATO Transition Process

AXELOS has announced the results of an RFP process, resulting in PEOPLECERT being chosen as our single EI partner from 1 January 2018. To ensure ATOs (Accredited Training Organizations) are able to deliver AXELOS accredited training and exams, below is a guide that explains the process as to how ATOs are able to transition over to PEOPLECERT without disruption.

AXELOS recognizes that current accreditations are in place according to the scheme brochure rules. ATOs will not need to reaccredit if they have a current and valid accreditation in place with an existing EI for 2017. Upon submission of an application, the simplified transition process will honour all current accreditations. Please note that all EIs and AXELOS reserve the right to audit any ATO at any time.

Where necessary, AXELOS and PEOPLECERT will work with EIs to verify ATOs accreditations.


ATOs are invited to contact PEOPLECERT to begin the preparation needed for exam delivery and accreditation from 1 January 2018. To begin the transition process you can get in touch by visiting or by email at [email protected].

AXELOS has created a dedicated FAQ document below, that may support you in any further questions you may have concerning the process. If your queries are not addressed in the FAQs, AXELOS has also set up a dedicated service to support ATOs through this process. If you have any transition specific queries, please email [email protected].